Robertson Bakstene Environmental Authorisation

February 7, 2017

Umvoto Africa (Pty) Ltd has been appointed by, Robertson Bakstene (Pty) Ltd, as the lead consultants to undertake the Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment process for Environmental Authorisation of a brick making facility.  The proposed development will allow the manufacture of clay bricks for the supply to the local construction industry within the Robertson/Montagu/Bonnievale triangle.  The brick factory will support the Gannabosch Clay Mine and provide the beneficiation of the clay.  A Draft Scoping Report has been released to Registered IAP’s and Stakeholders in order to encourage participative dialogue between the proponent and interested and affected persons and to ensure that the application process is transparent, serves the region socio-economically and safeguards the biodiversity of the environment.  The Public Participation process will run for 30 days from 8 Feb to 10 March 2017 following which a Final Scoping Report will be submitted to the DEA&DP Western Cape.


Draft Scoping Report
Draft Scoping Report Brick factory as Submitted February 2017

Final Scoping Report
Brick Factory Final Scoping Report As Submitted March 2017

Appendix A EAP-CV
Appendix B Robertson Bakstene Company Reg Certificate
Appendix C Heritage NID
Appendix D LUPA
Appendix E PPP Registered Stakeholders and IAPs Distribution List for Brick Factory Scoping Process
Appendix F1 Collated Comments and Concerns
Appendix F2 All IAP Responses
Appendix F3 Signed Petitions
Appendix F4 Documented Lawyers Letters
Appendix G Land Affairs Response
Appendix I Maps

Annexure A 1 Notification ID
Annexure A 2 NID Appended and Supporting Documents
Annexure B 1 Botanical Specialist Report
Annexure B 2_Botanical Specialist Report and Follow Up
Annexure C Atmospheric Emission Licence
Annexure D Storm Water Management Plan
Annexure E 1_Freshwater Specialist Report
Annexure E 2 Freshwater Specialist Report Follow Up
Annexure F Visual Impact Assessment Report Gannabosch Draft VIA v1 16 11 04
Annexure G Atmospheric Impact Assessment
Annexure H Transport Impact Assessment
Annexure I Gannabosch Clay Mine Additional Regional Clay Resource Assessment
Annexure J Economic Impact Study Gannabosch