Education and Training

Umvoto is a knowledge organisation with a learning culture. Education and Training are close to its heart and it embarks on skills transfer to a wide variety of stakeholders, from national and local government officials to university under- and post-graduates, communities and school learners, through preparation of appropriate educational materials, lectures, workshop and training facilitation, supervision of theses and an in-house internship programme.

Lectures and workshop facilitation

Umvoto staff and invited experts give regular in-house lectures and talks on topics of interest. Lectures and talks are also provided at other institutions.

Training material on specific topics in the field of earth science is prepared and workshops or courses organised for different organisations, such as DWS.

The In-house Internship Programme

The aim of the programme is to train water, earth, environmental and social scientists to be leaders in solving complex problems that require an inter-disciplinary approach and insight, combined with the ability to interact positively and achieve collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

Umvoto has a three-pronged approach recognising that individuals need guidance with respect to skills, attitude and more importantly knowledge.  Experienced mentors are sourced in-house to ensure experience gained covers both technical and life skills. The dissertations of interns and staff are supervised by senior staff.

There are a variety of different types of interns:

Local Graduates: These Interns embark on short term contracts that can be extended.  When permanent staff positions become available, these are usually filled by experienced interns.

International Graduates: Umvoto is a renowned location for international graduates to work for different periods on a voluntary basis.  The experience they gain is acknowledged by different intern agencies and academic institutes and they bring an enthusiasm and multiculturalism to the team of interns.

Learnerships: Third year Technikon students are taken on for a period of 6 months that is a critical module for the completion of their third-year diploma.

The Application Process (see Application Table)

Due to the numerous applications in 2016 Umvoto will embark on a new approach with the following timelines: Local Graduates: March-April and September-October:

Learnerships April (for July start) and October for (February start)

International Graduates are open all year:

Information Required: Cover Letter, CV, Matric Certificate, Degree and Diploma certificates, University Transcripts, copy of ID or passport,

Applications without full information will not be processed.

Only short listed applicants will be responded to.


Contact us:

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PO Box 61 Muizenberg 7950, South Africa

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Education and Training

Education and Training Leaders

Dr. Chris Hartnady, is a leading structural geologist and international expert on African geotectonics [movements of the plates making up the earth’s crust].  He has written numerous scientific papers and given assorted lectures in various fields relating to geotectonics, structural geology and hydrogeology.

Ms Rowena Hay, Umvoto’s Director, founded the company in 1992 based on her hydrogeological modelling experience gained in the mining and atomic energy sectors. She has prepared educational booklets for the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction for community leaders and school learners addressing issues of poverty, land use, environmental protection and gender.    She has also managed a project in Namibia involving production of school manual for disaster preparedness and the development of systems and tools for disaster-related data management, and training in their use.

Dr Kornelius Riemann, Umvoto’s Director and Principal Hydrogeologist, has been involved in many years of hydrogeological research and projects, and has a special interest in hydrogeological modelling and its application to pollution and contamination problems. He has lectured at the University of Stellenbosch and given courses at the University of Free State.

Ms Jody Frewin joined Umvoto in 2016 with a keen interest to assist in the Intern Program. She holds an MSc in geology plus a B.Ed.  She previously worked for PetroSA for 19 years, following 15 years of teaching (10 years of earth science at tertiary level, and five years of science at secondary level.  She was instrumental in developing Petosa’s Graduate in Training Programme and has assisted various students in Honours and Masters Projects.



The following table highlights the requirements and times that applications are open for the different positions
Position Academic Status Experience Dates of Applications
Local Graduates BSc , BSc Honours, MSc and PhD Not essential but up to 2 years March-April and September-October
Learnerships 3rd year of Technical Diploma Not essential

April for July Start

October for February start

International Graduates BSc Honours, MSc and PhD Of interest but not essential Any time
Experienced Scientists BSc , BSc Honours, MSc and PhD Minimum 2-5 years industry experience As per adverts or any time to flag availability or interest in Umvoto