Water Resource Services / Geological Consulting / GeoInformatics (GIS) / Environmental Services / Disaster Risk Management

UMVOTO Africa is a company with an intrinsic appreciation for geological processes and movements and the long-term societal impact of those processes. The team has an unrivalled geological understanding of subsurface sedimentary and structural features (jointing, faulting, folding) and geodynamic forces. This knowledge and insight is brought to bear on all projects, e.g. groundwater-related resource development and management issues in so far as it defines aquifer geometry, physical characteristics and sustainable community development.

The main focus of UMVOTO’s work is on integrated development and management of water resources and their link to sustainable social development.

During the course of two decades of hydrogeological research in the natural laboratory of the Western Cape, UMVOTO has developed new Geo-informatics technologies for systematic, regional hydrogeological, geological and hydrological investigations in complex fractured-rock terrains, based around the integration and geospatial analysis of large sets of varied data.

From this systematic approach, and from databases assembled over the years, UMVOTO’s hydrogeological team has developed reliable insight into successful, cost-effective borehole siting and groundwater resource development. We work at all scales, from the individual urban/rural landowner to the large metropolis.

More recently, the experience gained and the core scientific skills used in our work are being made available in courses presented in-house and at tertiary institutions at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

Our core team of geo-hydrologists are aided by local and international specialist associates based in South Africa, Europe and the United States. Together they provide a unique combination of engineering, computing, geo-hydrology, chemical, and toxicological expertise.

We also have in-house expertise in geospatial analysis and modeling using the powerful combination of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. Our software is internationally recognised for realistic and accurate modeling of surface and groundwater flows in complex geological environments.

Water Resource Services

Our services extend to all aspects of integrated water resource planning, development and management. Our specialised knowledge of surface and groundwater modelling, geological and hydro-chemical processes is also applied to contamination and remediation challenges and environmental resource development and management. Our areas of focus are:

Integrated Water Resource Assessment and Management Aquifer/Well Field Development and Management Modelling Hydrochemistry Hydrogeo-Environmental Monitoring Strategy and Planning… Read the rest


Geological Consulting

Our geological team has national and international experience over a range of geological fields. Services include:

Structural Geology Regional Mapping Seismic and Tectonic Analysis Energy Resource Assessment Coastal Geomorphology and Marine Geology Fluvial Geomorphology Drilling Supervision and Core/Chip Logging Mineral Exploration Mining Applications… Read the rest


GeoInformatics (GIS)

Our company uses GIS and Remote Sensing to provide practical solutions to problems presented by clients. The company is recognised as one of the leading GIS based providers in South Africa.

GIS-based solutions are provided for groundwater exploration, geo-hazard assessment, environmental planning, town planning and development and mineral exploration. Location-based services such as site suitability analysis, visual sensitivity and watershed analysis are also offered.… Read the rest


Environmental Services

Our areas of speciality are around the following:

Environmental Impact Assessment (Specialist Studies: Geological, Hydrogeological, Ecological and Climatological) Waste Site Investigations Pollution and Contamination Studies and Modelling Environmental Management Plan Mine Rights and Prospecting Applications Monitoring… Read the rest


Disaster Risk Management

Umvoto has expertise in the field of geohazards, risk assessments and know-how in the implementation of the UN / ISDR Hyogo Framework for Action in all phases of the disaster cycle. Our risk assessment expertise and experience in developing and presenting awareness and education materials are used in assisting disaster management authorities at all levels of government and for the private sector.… Read the rest