Water Research Commission (WRC) Big Data Project

Umvoto Africa took part in the WRC initiative called “Big Data Analytics and Transboundary Water Collaboration in Southern Africa”. This initiative combined specialists from various institutions and organisations to collaborate assessing how the consolidation of national and transboundary data and application of big data tools may enhance decision-making of water resources in Southern Africa, specifically […]

Contamination and Remediation

Umvoto Africa monitors the water quality as part of the City of Cape Town New Water Programme, with a focus on surface water and groundwater quality. This includes the development of monitoring plans, laboratory oversight, data analysis and interpretation. Umvoto Africa has sampled groundwater for assessment of suitability for potable supply, as well as surface […]

Air Quality Surveillance and Geothermal Risk Mitigation

Umvoto Africa constructed, installed, manages and monitors air quality sensors via a fully automated GPRS-linked weather station for the Tulu Moye Geothermal Power Plant in central Ethiopia. While several noxious gases (nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone) are monitored, hydrogen sulphide is especially important for the geothermal plant and strict adherence to World […]

Various Private/Public Client Groundwater Assessment/Development Projects

Umvoto Africa has undertaken numerous smaller groundwater assessment (including desktop studies, hydrocensus, geophysics and borehole siting) and groundwater development (including drilling, testing, hydrochemical sampling and analysis, yield analysis and water use licence application) work for various private and public clients. These include: Residential estates e.g. Faircape Group (Tokai Estate, Onrus Manor, Noordhoek Manor), Klein Slangkop […]

City of Cape Town New Water Programme

Table Mountain Group Aquifers Umvoto Africa has been the groundwater consultant for the City of Cape Town’s Table Mountain Group (TMG) Aquifer Feasibility Study and Pilot Project since 2002, where groundwater exploration has been undertaken at various target sites from Steenbras Dam northwards to Wemmershoek Dam. Groundwater development and wellfield implementation has been initiated at […]

Overstrand Local Municipality Groundwater Management

Hermanus Umvoto Africa was appointed by Overstrand Local Municipality (LM) in 2001 to proceed with a groundwater investigation and exploration to augment the water supply to the growing town of Hermanus. After completing the drilling and testing programme at Gateway Wellfield and the surrounding area in the mid-2000s, with groundwater abstraction being initiated from the […]

Central Malawi Water Strategy

In 2019 Umvoto Africa were appointed to develop a water strategy for a private client for Central Malawi. The strategy aimed to decrease uncertainty in available data and identify feasible surface water and groundwater options for development and small holder water supply. Applying an integrated and transdisciplinary approach between GIS, remote sensing, geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, […]

Eritrea National Groundwater Assessment

Umvoto Africa are currently appointed to undertake groundwater assessment, aquifer mapping and wellfield development for the State of Eritrea. In partnership with WSP, IGS (Botswana) and GREDCO (Eritrea) the project aims to identify regional groundwater targets on Zoba (provincial) scale though GIS and remote sensing techniques. Further phases are geared to support these findings through […]

Oudsthoorn Groundwater Project

Umvoto Africa was appointed in 2000 to undertake a project on the Deep Artesian Groundwater Exploration for Oudtshoorn Supply (DAGEOS), now known as the Oudtshoorn Groundwater Project (OGP). Drilling of initial exploration and production boreholes targeting the Peninsula Aquifer of the Table Mountain Group within the Blossoms and Mistkraal Wellfields was completed in 2015 and […]

All Towns Southern Reconciliation Strategies and Support to the WCWSS Reconciliation Strategy

Umvoto Africa was the lead consultant for the Department of Water and Sanitation’s National Water Resource Planning Directorate on the development and subsequent support to the implementation and maintenance of Reconciliation Strategies for all Towns in the Southern Planning Region. This undertaking required the projection of domestic water demand, available water supply, associated intervention options […]