Khayelitsha Pavement Improvement Hydrocensus

As part of the Khayelitsha Pavement Improvement (KPI) Project, Umvoto Africa, on behalf of the Umvoto Foundation (TUF), conducted a hydrocensus at the Chuma Primary School in Khayelitsha to investigate the current water supply at the school premises. The KPI project is aimed at creating a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for the residents […]

Umvoto welcomes Rebecca Stephenson

Rebecca Stephenson is an Honours graduate in Geography with a focus on GIS (Geographic Information Systems), climate and political ecology. Her undergraduate degree, which was also obtained from Rhodes University, also comprised of Environmental Science and Economics. Since graduating, Rebecca has gained experience in teaching but is now entering the field of Earth Science and […]

Umvoto Africa introduces The Umvoto Foundation

The Umvoto Foundation (TUF) is a Cape Town-based non-profit organisation (NPO) that was, in there early years, funded by and born from work completed by Umvoto Africa. TUF’s work began in 2017 in response to Cape Town’s surface water shortage, which by end of the summers of 2017 and 2018, saw the capacity of local […]

Webinar: “The State of Groundwater in the Western Cape and its Impact on Agribusiness” hosted by Cape Chambers

On June 22 2021, Umvoto Africa will be presenting a series of presentations hosted by the Cape Chambers’ Agribusiness Portfolio Committee on the importance of groundwater and groundwater management in the Western Cape. These presentations will cover topics such as groundwater aquifers in the Western Cape, borehole siting and construction, groundwater management as well as […]

Now that’s Managed Aquifer Recharge!

Recent footage doing the rounds on social media and the news of the damage to Darling Cellars caught the eye of some of Umvoto’s wine enthusiasts. While beer has long been known to be an occupational hazard of geologists, at Umvoto wine is right up there. Situated in Muizenberg, Cape Town, Umvoto’s location has nurtured […]

MSc for Mkali: hydrogeological characterization using remote sensing

Umvoto’s Andrew Mkali (Junior Environmentalist) recently passed his MSc entitled “Developing a hydrogeological conceptual model for subterranean groundwater control areas using remote sensing techniques”. Andrew’s study at the University of the Western Cape’s Environmental and Water Science unit was under the supervision of Drs. Thokozani Kanyerere and Kevin Pietersen. In his study Andrew described the […]

Packer Testing Webinar

Kevin de Bruin, Umvoto’s Junior Hydrogeologist, attended the Midwest Geosciences Group webinar titled “Packer Testing: Step-wise Techniques and New Technologies for Hydrogeologic Projects” in early March. This informative webinar will aid us in the effective re-analysis of packer tests that were initially carried out on the Table Mountain Group Aquifer (TMGA) during the Exploratory Phase […]
Groundwater monitoring

Upcoming webinar: “TDI Training Webinar Series – Monitoring to Manage Groundwater Resources” presented by Umvoto Africa

Umvoto Africa will be hosting one of the Dewatering Institute’s Training Webinars this week, March 24, 2021 @ 16:00 (SAST) to March 24, 2021 @ 17:30 (SAST). The training webinar “Monitoring to Manage Groundwater Resources” will use case studies to outline the importance of groundwater monitoring and the various techniques used to implement this practice. […]

New Intern Hydrogeologist

Umvoto welcomes a new Intern Hydrogeologist! Denim-Reece Southgate is an Honours graduate in Environmental and Geographical Sciences with a focus on water quality, environmental law, and policies regarding climate change. He holds an Undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree from Rhodes University, majoring in Economics, Environmental Science and Geology and graduated with distinction. During his studies, […]

Groundwater monitoring of the Cape Flats Aquifer

Quarterly groundwater monitoring of the Cape Flats Aquifer (CFA) is undertaken by Umvoto Africa geologists and hydrogeologists to build up a baseline prior to any large-scale abstraction and managed aquifer recharge (MAR). Wellfields are spread across the CFA targeting the thickest portion of the aquifer within the paleochannel (old river channel). Some wellfields are located […]

Umvoto aligns with the United Nations’ Global Compact SDG Ambition Accelerator

The UN Global Compact is “the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – a call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals”. These align with the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of which there are 17. Umvoto signed up […]



Google Earth Engine: a smarter way to make false colour composites

False Colour Composites (FCC) What do you do when you need to map large features in difficult to reach places? You use satellite imagery of course. Satellite imagery is great, it reveals insights that would otherwise go unnoticed during geological field mapping by allowing you to see Earth’s surface in new ways. At Umvoto, our […]
examples of the NNAR ability to predict groundwater levels from two boreholes in the Steenkoppies aquifer.

Kirsty’s MSc on The Application of Machine Learning For Groundwater Level Prediction in the Steenkoppies compartment of the Gauteng and North West Dolomite Aquifer, South Africa

Groundwater in the Steenkoppies compartment is extensively used for agriculture practices that can potentially lead to groundwater storage depletion, which threatens groundwater sustainability. Groundwater models are needed to develop an understanding of the complex, interdependent relationships occurring in a groundwater system. Groundwater levels represent the response of an aquifer to changes in storage, recharge, discharge, […]
Kogelberg Anticline

The Cape geologist’s guide to lunch spots

A team of Umvoto geologists recently set out for four days to conduct field mapping along a major fault network within the Steenbras area. The fault network crosscuts through rocks of the Malmesbury and Table Mountain Groups, with the latter being targeted for groundwater development as part of the City of Cape Town’s New Water […]
Conceptual diagram of how data was managed, which aids in transboundary water management.

Big data and transboundary groundwater resource management

Transboundary groundwater resources Water does not adhere to the strict political boundaries set by people. Just as some rivers flow through National boarders, the same is true for aquifers that store groundwater. Having different governments and organisations utilising these transboundary groundwater sources can make their management complicated and often unsustainable. One such example is the […]

Fractured rock aquifers: on the importance of springs

Recently some of Umvoto’s geologists and hydrogeologists went on a hunt for discharge points (groundwater-fed springs) along a large-scale fault network that cuts through the Table Mountain Group (TMG) fractured aquifers. This was in connection with a project that Umvoto is involved in with the City of Cape Town that was launched towards the end […]