The World Water Quality Alliance Africa Use Cases

Umvoto Africa facilitated the transdisciplinary engagement between the World Water Quality Alliance (WWQA) and in-country partners as part of the Africa Use Case project, on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme. The study areas were the Cape Town Main Aquifer Systems (South Africa), Lake Victoria transboundary lake (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda) and the Volta Transboundary River Basin (focussing on Ghana and Burkina Faso). Umvoto Africa facilitated the bottom-up co-design and development of pilot water quality products and services through a process of moderated in-country stakeholder-driven engagement, aimed at finding local solutions to global problems. The objective was to provide an evidence base that links water quality hotspots to solutions and investment priorities. Central in these initial test cases was the integration of in-situ, remote sensing-based earth observation and modelling data through a close collaboration between in-country partners, and various WWQA organisations and institutions.