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Umvoto was established in 1992 by Rowena Hay as a water resource development and management consultancy and plays a key role in the successful exploration, resource estimation and environmentally sustainable implementation of several turnkey groundwater supply schemes.

Umvoto is internationally recognised for having the largest groundwater specialty team in Southern Africa, while also operating within the fields of integrated water resource management, disaster risk reduction (DRR), geo-risk assessment and prevention, geoinformatics and remote sensing.

The seven words that describe Umvoto are wisdom gained through understanding, using knowledge and sharing experience to excel; curiosity, to ask questions and keep learning every day; adventure, and the importance of being bold while managing risks; relationships with oneself, colleagues, clients, and our personal choices; respect for the opinions and feelings of others, environment and financial constraints; patience to take one day at a time while focusing on the bigger picture; stamina and flexibility to stay in the race.

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