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Applied Geology

Umvoto’s geotechnical team has hands-on experience in a broad range of geological applications. The understanding of surface and subsurface geology forms the basis for successful understanding of environmental and integrated surface and groundwater processes. The exceptional skills in structural geology and sedimentology, use of remote sensing and observation for mapping of complex terrains and monitoring of earth processes (e.g. seismotectonics) supports the Umvoto team to deliver turnkey projects covering every step from groundwater exploration to delivery from the tap. It also promotes opportunities for conjunctive surface and groundwater development and management, understanding of geohazards and the risks that communities face and those they pose to the environment. Understanding. People and Place in context of any Purpose starts with understanding the earth processes and patterns. Modern geology in practice.

A drilling rig set up with a sunset as a backdrop

Our geotechnical site investigations and design include foundation design and rehabilitation; housing projects (residential and NHBRC); retaining walls (lateral earth pressures); slope stability (design and rehabilitation); marine applications and projects; rock excavations and mining applications; dams, reservoirs and storm water applications. On larger projects, we make use of our association with senior and principal geotechnical engineers.


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