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Umvoto is an all-encompassing earth-science consultancy, predominantly specialising in groundwater, offering a broad variety of services to our growing portfolio of clients.

Umvoto undertakes a holistic approach to finding environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for clients which are both cost-effective and scientifically rigorous.

Our earth-science research and consulting services aim not only to meet client expectations but also address environmental and socio-economic challenges inherent in the work we do, always aiming to make a positive and sustainable impact.

Umvoto prioritises dedicated research in areas of interest to the company and team of scientists, whether directly related to commissioned projects or initiated and funded internally. Building a comprehensive database and remaining at the cutting-edge of the latest developments and technological advancements in the earth sciences, has undoubtedly been the hallmark of our success.

Umvoto is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and the Forward Faster campaign focusing on Gender Equality, Climate Action, and Water Resilience. Read our latest COP.


Hydrogeological Services


Integrated Water Resource Management


Contamination and Remediation


Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing


Disaster Risk Reduction and Geohazard Analysis


Applied Geology


Environmental Science and Climatology

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Our Strengths

Umvoto comprises an exceptional team of scientists and environmental consultants known for their technical brilliance, scientific rigor and feet-on-the-ground humanity.

The importance of attitude as much as aptitude and application, is highly regarded within the organisation and has been the very fabric of Umvoto since inception. Management supports staff gallantly in their pursuits while allowing autonomy for personal growth, to realise the best for both themselves and the company. The senior staff complement is supported by a group of emerging third-generation leaders, many of whom joined the company through the award-winning internship programme.

Latest from us

50th COngress IAH | Groundwater: A Matter of Scale

The IAH showcases Umvoto’s contribution to the New Water Programme

Umvoto’s work in the City of Cape Town’s New Water Programme projects were highlighted in the conference promotional video for the 50th Congress of The International Association of Hydrogeologists, Groundwater: A matter of scale.

WorlD water day

We celebrate World Water Day with the City of Cape Town

The New Water Programme, a project we have been involved with from the beginning, aims to diversify the City of Cape Town’s water supply ensuring future water security.

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