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Hydrogeological Services

Umvoto is locally and internationally acclaimed for its expertise in primary, fractured, and karstic aquifers. Our team’s knowledge of geological and hydrogeological processes forms the basis for highly successful groundwater resource evaluation, exploration, development, monitoring, modelling and management. Umvoto’s expertise and experience, together with engineering associates, allows us to deliver turnkey projects covering every step from inception to water from the tap. This includes geological mapping, borehole siting and borehole drilling and testing, aquifer/ecological/climatological monitoring, wellfield operations and maintenance, numerical modeling and aquifer management.

Given the growing concern around water resource contamination and the legal need for due diligence, this expertise is also applied with predictive modelling tools, to determine site contamination and groundwater pollution with a view to design the most appropriate protection and remediation measures.

Large borehole yield on a sunny day

Surface and groundwater modelling simulate flow and transport processes overland and underground, improving our understanding of these processes and informing decisions that affect them. With a dedicated team of modellers, we deliver solutions tailored to our client and project’s needs, integrated within project workflows to obtain the greatest benefit from the modelling process throughout the project lifespan.

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