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Khayelitsha Pavement Improvement Hydrocensus

As part of the Khayelitsha Pavement Improvement (KPI) Project, Umvoto Africa, on behalf of the Umvoto Foundation (TUF), conducted a hydrocensus at the Chuma Primary School in Khayelitsha to investigate the current water supply at the school premises. The KPI project is aimed at creating a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for the residents of the area and plans to assist with improving the current vegetable garden on the school premises.

During the hydrocensus, the team found that Chuma Primary School makes use of groundwater from a borehole on site for half of the school’s sanitation services, with the remaining half still utilizing municipal supply. The borehole was found to be approximately 30 m deep, targeting the underlying Cape Flats Aquifer (CFA) which is a primary coastal aquifer. The present status of the borehole at the school is great for the initiative, as it can be used for irrigating the vegetable garden. During the hydrocensus a second borehole was located but it is not in working condition for unknown reasons. TUF will aim to establish why the second borehole is abandoned and if it can be used to monitor the groundwater levels in the vicinity of the school to manage the groundwater abstraction more scientifically. TUF will assist with the scientific interpretation of groundwater abstraction, drawdown, and recovery, and educate the learners at Chuma Primary school on sustainable groundwater abstraction where possible.


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