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Umvoto staff sports day

The last two years were particularly challenging for the team at Umvoto, from intense workloads to significant losses, all experienced during the long-lasting COVID-19 epidemic. As a way to bring back some of that legendary Umvoto team “gees” an old school style sports day was arranged. A total of fourteen Umvoto colleagues, subdivided into two teams, played two action-packed hours of soccer and netball at the Montague Action Sports Arena on the 20th November 2021. Although Umvoto boasts a strong culture of soccer excellence (two-time 2021 seasons winners of the Grand Central Fives-Futbol League thus far), everyone was just as eager to test their mettle on the netball courts. Without fail, in true Umvoto fashion, things soon became very competitive with all players holding their own! 

A round of celebratory drinks was enjoyed by all post-game to follow up and bask in the day’s events. These kinds of team-building exercises are integral to a happy and cohesive work team, and Umvoto is privileged enough to have such a tight-knit community of scientists that are always keen for a day of sports! 

A sports team at an indoor arena
Happy and tired faces as the sports day drew to a close.
A group of friends at a restaurant
The Umvoto team enjoying a well-deserved round of drinks!

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