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Umvoto welcomes new interns

Internship programme

Umvoto’s internship programme has been running for many years. It allows young scientists to learn and gain practical experience in their various fields of practice. Through working closely with other staff members and being exposed to projects being worked on, they acquire good industry experience . To find out more about the internship programme click here.

2023 interns

This year Lucia Mhlanga and Raees Stevens have joined Umvoto’s internship programme. Lucia, originally from Johannesburg, joins after having completed her Honours degree at North-West University. Her Honours research project focused on the effects of climate change on groundwater systems in the Upper Crocodile West catchment.

Raees is originally from Durban but completed his Honours degree in Cape Town at the University of the Western Cape. His Honours research project focused on the identification and distribution of E. coli and faecal coliforms in the Atlantis Aquifer.

To read more about Lucia and Raees, head to the team page.

We are pleased to welcome Lucia and Raees to the team!


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