Air Quality Surveillance and Geothermal Risk Mitigation

Umvoto Africa constructed, installed, manages and monitors air quality sensors via a fully automated GPRS-linked weather station for the Tulu Moye Geothermal Power Plant in central Ethiopia. While several noxious gases (nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone) are monitored, hydrogen sulphide is especially important for the geothermal plant and strict adherence to World Health Organisation protocols are required to be in place. The site is monitored remotely via telemetry from the Umvoto Africa offices in Cape Town and a daily alert messaging system is set up with the plant operational staff to raise the alarm when air quality exceedances are observed. Particulate matter is also monitored to ensure that drilling operations do not emit excess PM2.5 or PM10 fugitive dust levels. Umvoto Africa uploads and stores all meteorological data from the weather station providing data quality control, along with monthly and annual air quality reports to the power plant. This monitoring and reporting are in support of regulation and compliance monitoring, and Umvoto Africa works closely with specialists to model plume and dispersal pathways.