Contamination and Remediation

Umvoto Africa monitors the water quality as part of the City of Cape Town New Water Programme, with a focus on surface water and groundwater quality. This includes the development of monitoring plans, laboratory oversight, data analysis and interpretation. Umvoto Africa has sampled groundwater for assessment of suitability for potable supply, as well as surface water and groundwater to identify potential impacts from industrial contamination, contaminants of emerging concern, pharmaceuticals, drugs, viruses and parasites. Due to groundwater impacts, Umvoto Africa undertakes contamination monitoring at key locations at Atlantis and CFA, guiding the client on the remedial options to manage various impact sources, including chlorinated hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Umvoto Africa compiled a rehabilitation plan for groundwater pollution around a wastewater treatment works that poses a risk to groundwater supply boreholes. 

As part of the work undertaken for the Overstrand Local Municipality Groundwater Management, Umvoto Africa monitors the surface water and groundwater quality to ensure a safe supply for treatment for potable supply. In addition, Umvoto Africa samples soil quality to assess the risk from the irrigation of treated effluent to sports fields, providing guidance where necessary on the management and mitigation of any noted impacts.