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Umvoto aligns with the UN’s SDG Ambition Accelerator

The UN Global Compact is “the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – a call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals”. These align with the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of which there are 17.

Umvoto signed up as a Signatory in April 2019 and will be a Participant in February 2021. As a Participant, Umvoto will “actively engage with the UN Global Compact at the global level, and at their national or regional level. The Participant level is ideal for leaders, but also for learners, looking to accelerate their sustainability efforts and scale up their impact across the globe.”

Participation at Umvoto

Umvoto’s Environmental Department have participated in the first module of the UN Global Compact SDG Ambition Accelerator, taking the lead in the implementation of this sustainability initiative. The module introduced them to the programme and how the SDGs align with Umvoto Africa, and how Umvoto can incorporate the SDGs into their everyday working environment/projects. The SDG Ambition Accelerator will run until mid-June.

UN Global Compact Certificate of Completion

The Environmental Department have also participated in an online course, How to Understand and Take Action on the Global Goals, which they have been awarded a participatory certificate for. It was an interactive e-learning course designed for professionals interested in learning how they can integrate the Global Goals into their business strategy and operations.

The course consisted of learning to understand the 17 Global Goals and the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, as well as to take four practical steps to make a meaningful, long-lasting contribution to the Global Goals by using a principles-based approach. The course builds on insights from the ongoing work of the UN Global Compact with companies around the world as well as existing tools and resources, including the SDG Compass (UN Global Compact, GRI and the World Business Council For Sustainable Development), the Blueprint for Business Leadership on the SDGs (UN Global Compact), and Integrating the SDGs into Corporate Reporting: A Practical Guide (UN Global Compact, GRI).


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